Getting Professional Singing Results in Your Home Recording

If you’re not a professional vocalist then you may be thinking that recording vocals in your home is just not going to sound very good. Well, you’re wrong! Recording vocals in your living room can actually result in pro-sounding results. All it takes are the following four hacks:

1) Use a pop filter when singing into the microphone so there’s no distortion or pops

2) Record with the microphone close to the mouth for a more natural sound

3) Avoid making swallowing noises while recording

4) Take breaks in between takes so your voice will have time to recover

Quick Singing Hacks for Pro-Sounding Vocals

1. When you perform, don’t just think about your actions, but also about the audience that will be listening to it. Perform in front of them on your home recording set-up.

2. Create a comfortable environment by using different surfaces on your voice instead of always using a hard surface like the floor or tabletop.

3. Place some folded towels on the floor to muffle any foot noises when you are singing with shoes on.

4. Dance while singing for some extra natural vibrations!

5. Practice out loud with headphones on to get accustomed to how everything sounds, especially how your mouth is moving while singing.

To wrap things up, it’s best to use a good microphone and DAW. Be sure to mic the vocalist from the correct angle for their voice type and provide them with plenty of room to move around while they sing. For better results, try mixing in some delay, reverb, and EQ.


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