Frequently Asked Questions

While you are certainly free to contact us with any questions you have, here are the most common questions we encounter during our day-to-day operations. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of distributing your music ,take a look at this FAQ first.
We provide an upload service for both artists and record labels to distribute their music across a variety of platforms.
We work with some of the largest retailers available to get your music into digital music stores where the fans are. You can pick the date you want your album to ‘drop’ and watch it appear online on that specified date. Our service provides our users with the best digital upload and distribution experience available.
Yes, you retain 100% of the right to your music.
We are a non-exclusive service. It would be in everyone’s best interest if you did not distribute your music through multiple services. This would result in multiple versions of your file being made available on those sites. This is something we and the companies we work with would like to avoid. This helps us get back to what’s important, which is you and your music.
You keep 80% of royalties.
We support .WAV, and .FLAC files at 16 bit, 44.1 Khz, stereo. We DO NOT support Mp3 files.
Choose us because we have the best customer service in the industry. We provide the best possible experience to our customers, in an effort to establish long term working relationships so that we may resolve any issues for you as they arise. Also choose us because we provide some of the most competitive rates around for both upload and royalties. Choose us because we want the best for you and your music.
No, you do not need a Paypal account. We pay your earnings directly to your bank account.
Partners do not send updates daily. Most often they are received monthly or quarterly. Please be patient and stats will be updated as they are received. Once received the stats will be visible on the website.
Currently all payments are made in Euro.
The release date of your music depends on the preferences you set when you uploaded the files. If you have chosen today’s date, then you will find your files available as soon as possible. If no date was set we can provide a rough estimate of when you might see your music for sale based on previous results.
With some services turnaround may be as little 48 hours.
We recommend providing at least a 4 week window between your upload date and your desired release date. This provides the services you have chosen ample time to make your music available on their sites. If you set your release date for a week and the service needs 3 weeks to populate, you will not see your music on the desired release date. It is very important to keep this in mind during the process. It’s important to note we have had songs visible on partner sites in as little as two weeks after upload. The fewer problems encountered during upload the better.
Partners do not send updates daily. Most often they are received monthly or quarterly. Please be patient and stats will be updated as they are received. Once received the stats will be visible on the website.
Payments are made via bank transfer to your bank account (in this case you do not need a PayPal account) for all sales made in online stores.
NOTE: Payouts to PayPal are currently unavailable (we can payout your balance to your bank account, contact our customer support and we will get back to you with details about payouts to bank account. You will need to provide us with your bank account number (IBAN) and SWIF or BIC code)!
Absolutely. Your contract does not prevent you from selling your music in another medium or having it played on the radio. It is your music and you retain the rights to it. This means you can give it away, sell it on your website or whatever you choose. Use of our service in no way limits your ability to profit from your art.
Yes. Labels can use the distribution service, in fact many already do. It is a great way to release new music and manage their digital catalogs. You can set your own label via the metadata so it will be carried along with your music across different digital services. You can also add this to the billing info and have it reflected on your invoices and receipts. Using this service is an excellent way to reduce overhead and get your artist’s songs and albums into the world without having to do all the work yourself.
Yes, we do offer variable pricing for clients with big catalogs. Please contact our customer support and we can give you the best deal.
To use (distribute / commercialize) a song containing samples or audio parts of any content belonging another rights owners, it will always be necessary to obtain an authorization.
Besides the permission of the master’s owner, a permission of the author or publisher of the original work, will also be needed, since any kind of transformation of the original work, consists on a derivative work and is protected by law.
It is also necessary (in all cases) the corresponding recognition of the moral rights of the author.
You can view the UPC assigned to your release in the “Catalog” section once logged in.
Absolutely, digital booklets can be submitted in PDF format when you submit your single, EP or album.
Spotify uses the All Music database to access their bio and artist information. To get included in the All Music database visit their website to find out more about their submission process. New artists’ biographies and art are added regularly. Once your information is available to All Music it should show up in Spotify shortly.
Yes. If an user uses any music created by another author and/or composer, regardless of how they use it, they will always need a license. This applies even when they do not pretend to generate economic benefits with the “version” or “cover” they have made. They can obtain a licenses through various online services, such as for example: In addition of what the law dictates regarding the protection of the rights of ‘author’, ‘artist’ and/or ‘producer’, there are some more reasons of why they should get a license: Confidence. As partners in the music industry, we expect a fair and respectful treatment of our image and works, so we should do the same with our partners. Reputation. Inadequate and illegal use of works, may not only affect a public image of an artist as such, but also their reputation in the business sector (mainly with distributors and stores). Example. Let us be an example of respect for fans and consumers, making a legal use of our work and the works of other colleagues as well etc. Attention: Do not confuse a “version” or “cover” with a “remix”. If an artist has made a remix of somebody else’s work, or uses samples from other songs or recordings, in all cases they must have a permission from the owner of the original master. ​PLEASE NOTE: Cover Songs,Remixes, Tribute, Karaoke, Public Domain and Creative Commons uploads may legally distribute your content worldwide only if:
1. The appropriate licenses are obtained for areas and territories not covered by MCPS or PRS. Distribution areas not covered include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, and India. To distribute in these territories requires the appropriate licenses prior to upload or the removal of the territories using the Manage Stores page tool.
2. Appropriate permissions must be obtained from the rights owners in order to use any sample material in your composition.
3. Metadata must conform to the Content Infringement Guidelines.
Royalty process is divided in two parts in order to reflect the reality of the process and its operation:
1. Upload Royalties
  • Every 10th of each month, sales reports are updated to the system.
  • We called this – Estimated Sales –
  • These estimated sales can be seen in Analitycs tab.
  • Each channel is displayed in a different color.
  • Here we show the gross sales reported by a channel.

  • 1. Sales Confirmation
  • Whenever we receive a payment from a channel, we confirm a sales report.
  • We called this – Confirmed Sales –
  • In this confirmation process, system deducts Taxes and Transactions costs, that have been deducted by channels or banks during the payment process.
  • Once it has been confirmed a channel sales report, the system redraws the graph taking into account the new values.
  • Therefore confirmed sales may be lower than initially shown as gross.
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