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Easy Split Payments

Automatically assign a percentage of your song royalties to your musical collaborators – eg. band members, songwriters, producers, managers or more. Our detailed royalties dashboard keeps track of every cent.

Sell Cover Songs

Get cover songs on the world’s top music platforms.

Effortlessly distribute your cover songs to popular digital platforms, broadening your reach and sharing your unique interpretations with a worldwide audience.

Get Your Music On More Global Platforms Than Anywhere Else

Cosmo Media can put your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, TikTok, Instagram and more; reaching new audiences and fans across the world.

100+ More Platforms

Promotion Services

Our PR team is one of the Europe’s leading music promotion experts. With global coverage, we offer affordable music PR services for independent artists, bands and record labels.

Create Your Release

Sign up for FREE and create the album and all profiles of labels and artists you need in our interface. It’s intuitive and easy.

Music Distribution

After you create your music release, you can add the cover and your songs. It’s simple – we can help you with our tutorials if you need help.

Sell Music

Get paid for your work! Request your sales payout at anytime. You also have access to a sales analysis and detailed reports. You can request payment once your balance is above 20€. Cancel whenever you like.

Record Label

Are You Ready For A Record Deal?

Our label team uses the music consumption data flowing through our distribution service to discover, sign and build rising talent. We partner up with artists we believe in with flexible deals offering services like strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding and PR.

Music Production

Take Your Songs To The Next Level

Have you written a song? Are you looking to give your song that sound of today? With our 20 years of experience let us work with you and get you that sound you want for your music.

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What Our Client's Say

Alex Cyriac
Alex Cyriac
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"My music reaches people everywhere! Alex Cyriac"
Diego deMarco
Diego deMarco
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"I went from unsigned to signed and it was the best decision in my 20 years long career. Cosmo Distribution made this possible."
Ann Miller
Ann Miller
Lunatica Records
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"The best way to get our music on all the major music services."


Our Features

Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts for labels or artists with large catalogs.

What does it cost?

You keep 80%, we take 20% of the royalties. No hidden fees, no upload fees, FREE UPC codes & FREE ISRC codes.

Do I keep the rights to my music?

Yes,You retain 100% of the right to your music.

Sale statistics that you can access & understand

Cosmo Media accurately generates sales analysis in detailed reports that you can access around the clock. Track your promotion activities and get valuable insights into your listener base anytime you want.

Your music. You made it - you own it.

100% of music rights stays yours
Cosmo Distribution does not ask for any ownership rights over the music you publish with us. You made it. You keep it. You retain 100% of the right to your music. And if you decide you would like to move on, you can terminate your agreement and “unpublish” your music anytime.

Can I distribute a cover song through Cosmo Media?

Yes. If an user uses any music created by another author and/or composer, regardless of how they use it, they will always need a license. This applies even when they do not pretend to generate economic benefits with the “version” or “cover” they have made.

Chose only the stores where you want to be delivered

There once was a time when the ancient process of sending in CDs for distribution was the cutting edge. But now, Cosmo Media is the innovative choice. We will make your music available everywhere.